Westheimer – ISDS animation

Dunedin arts were approached by petrochemical consultants Westheimer to produce a 3D representation of their ISDS (Integrated Seismic Data Store) solution.

Working to a very short timescale, Hawk of Dunedin Arts, Bruce Macauley of 6274, Rod Jamieson of Fortunetwork collaborated together to produce a complete branding and animation solution for ISDS. This type of collaboration greatly enhances the end product which was branding, print and logo design by 6274 and animation by Dunedin Arts. The final result was exhibited at the SEG Conference in San Antonio

Managing Director – Jeffrey Maskell – provided the following testimonial:

“When I approached Hawk with an idea for generating a animated representation of a 3D seismic model, one that reflected the functionality of our advanced seismic data management solution, I had no illusions as the task.

The key issue was always going to be how I could get across my understanding of the subject to anyone that had no background in exploration, seismic data or the details of the solution we were developing. To my complete amazement Hawk very quickly understood the concept the idea that was in my head, how I wanted the 3D cubes to be constructed, to light up at given points, representing the 3D seismic data and then to focus in on a specific cube. After that things get even more complex, how to get across that I wanted to cut, slice, dice the cube in an X, Y coordinate and by time and depth and finally how to extract from this a complex polygon shape in the form of a donut.

Well the results are for the world to see, it is a stunning piece of animation and a testimony of how Hawk is able to focus in on a concept no matter how complex and produce something quite amazing a very gifted individual. The final results were the centre piece of our exhibition stand at the recent SEG conference in San Antonio Texas.

Great work, Great Listening and that is the key.