Working with Edinburgh University and specifically a team of students called HYP-ED, Dunedin Arts produced a series of simplified concept animations to show of a few aspects of hyper loop technology.  These animations have since been used to explain and educate the benefits of hyperloops, such as shortening the trip from Edniburgh to London to just 45 minutes by using magnetic propulsion.

“HYPED, the University of Edinburgh Hyperloop Team, worked with Dunedin Arts in July to develop several animations that illustrate the Hyperloop concept. We are really happy with not only how the animations turned out but also the communication and transparency Dunedin Arts offered while they were being developed. Dunedin Arts assisted us with our storyboards and updated us weekly to ensure the animations met our requirements for content and style. We are really satisfied with their work and highly recommend Dunedin Arts for any 3D animation projects, big or small!”
HYPED Edinburgh