We have received a number of great testimonials from our clients
and we like to share them with others, as we are very proud of the
work and the feedback we have received.

Please feel free to browse through a few of the testimonials we
have received through the years

Optos Plc: 3D Animation

I was delighted with the animation Dunedin produced to explain the technology behind our innovative ultra-widefield retinal imaging product.

Hawk took our Pro-Eng Mechanical Design files and brought them to life producing an exciting animation showing the uniqueness of our scanning laser technology. Throughout the project he kept us well-informed with respect to progress and was extremely pro-active in following up and seeking feedback on the various development stages. He also demonstrated patience when we took a little longer to decide on finalisation of certain elements of the animation!

Thanks so much for an animation which will be of great value.

Alex Warnock | Chief Technical Officer

JBT Ltd: Multiple 3D animations

Right from the start, I was impressed with Dunedin Arts’ ability to understand the brief, and their professionalism in making sure they understood all our requirements, especially the more technically complex ones.

Their attention to detail, skill and patience in managing numerous unforeseen obstacles was consistently excellent throughout the project. The finished animation has been very well-received, and is an extremely valuable tool in our sales operation.

Ian Wallace | Sales Marketing Director

Core150: Shaker Cup 3D Animation

I work as a professional online marketer and have been in an image conscience industry for over 6 years. Quality on presentation is of the utmost importance to me.

I have to emphasise that I was recommended to Halldor of Dunedin Arts prior to me employing their services, but was in no way the reason for accepting them to undertake my project.

With anything visual media or animated you are always worried, because poor animation can have a huge impact on the perception of both brand and product collectively.





After revisal of the Dunedin Arts portfolio my mind was put at ease in respect of the quality on offer, but I still had a script to give them and was hoping they would be able to capture what I had in my head creatively and ultimately bring it to life.

The final media produced for and on behalf of my company Core 150 ™ was incredible and surpassed all my expectations. I was able to Contact Halldor from Dunedin Arts at anytime of the evening when I would often have sporadic creative bursts, I later found that these ideas given to him sometimes on a weekend where captured, then implemented in the most amazing fashion by Halldor of Dunedin Arts.

I cannot thank the company enough, as we are a new brand with high expectations and quality in presentation to our business is of the utmost importance. Do not risk low quality animation because when it is not done right your brand will suffer long term, and viewing the quality of our production,

I can assure you that even the highest standard of quality need not cost the earth, but will give your product and or service a lifetime consumer impression that is priceless.

Michael Devlin | CEO

MacTaggart Scott: Multiple 3D animations

Working with Dunedin Arts was a pleasure from beginning to end. They took our brief and provided a combination of creative ideas and technical know-how. They developed ideas and encouraged us to provide input throughout the project. The result is a full realisation of our initial requirement. Well done.

Alan Chapman | Sales Engineer

Out of Acorns: Various Design Projects

Dunedin Arts demonstrated their understanding of the concept and requirements for the leaflet in their well-planned pitch. They also brought fresh and innovative ideas to be considered, and which have now moved the whole platform forward. It is further to their credit that this happened on schedule, on budget, and without the usual stresses that can be associated ordinarily with these sorts of activities.

I would readily recommend them for their competencies, professionalism, and general good humour and willingness to help their clients.

Steve Nutt | Marketing Concepts and Strategies

Orange Music NL: Flash animation

We all know these last minute online projects: the kinds that have to be done in two weeks, low budget, high expectations. From experience you know it can be done, but only if you can rely on a flexible, megacreative, experienced, no-nonsense partner. That’s why we called Dunedin Arts to create our online North Sea Jazz landingpage, EDM and banners. The work was done in time, within the budget, and the people at DA paid very good attention to our brief and styleguidelines which saved us a lot of time!

Marjolijn Kamphuis | Sales and Marketing

Pipeline Engineering: AMPL - 3D Animation

Dunedin Arts provided first class service from start to finish while working on this project. We needed to work to tight deadlines and the Dunedin Arts team delivered the animation as required. The quality of the work was excellent and the expertise within Dunedin Arts meant that the finished animation was exactly what we wanted.

We relied heavily on the advice and expert knowledge at Dunedin Arts and they made sure that the whole process, from developing the initial concepts to producing the final animation was smooth and relatively easy – exactly what a client wants.

Thank you and congratulations to everyone at Dunedin Arts.

Andrew Cargill | Marketing Manager

Thinktastic: TACT 2D animation

Skill in any professional sphere is valuable but add insight and understanding and it is invaluable. That’s how I would describe Halldor Haukur Halldorsson of Dunedin Arts. We wanted a quirky animation, the budget wasn’t huge and the aim lofty. He understood, made helpful suggestions, showed care and patience at all points and was ever willing to make adjustments. He delivered a superb product, I am delighted and I will return for more of that magic.

Mike Stevenson | Managing Director | Thinktastic

Westheimer: 3D Animation

When I approached Hawk with an idea for generating a animated representation of a 3D seismic model, one that reflected the functionality of our advanced seismic data management solution, I had no illusions as to the task

The key issue was always going to be how I could get across my understanding of the subject to anyone that had no background in exploration, seismic data or the details of the solution we were developing. To my complete amazement Hawk very quickly understood the concept the idea that was in my head, how I wanted the 3D cubes to be constructed, to light up at given points, representing the 3D seismic data and then to focus in on a specific cube. After that things get even more complex, how to get across that I wanted to cut, slice, dice the cube in an X, Y coordinate and by time and depth and finally how to extract from this a complex polygon shape in the form of a donut. Well the results are for the world to see, it is a stunning piece of animation and a testimony of how Hawk is able to focus in on a concept no matter how complex and produce something quite amazing a very gifted individual. The final results were the centre piece of our exhibition stand at the recent SEG conference in San Antonio Texas.

Great work, Great Listening and that is the key.

Jeffrey Maskell | Managing Director


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