3D Animation in Product Design

3D Animation is becoming more and more prominent in the product world. By using 3D animation product design, you can turn your designs or drawings into a full blow animation or interactive animation. From technology to vehicles and much more, 3D animation can be used to bring any type of product to life. Over the years we have worked on all types of 3D product design projects and have become the leading choice for many in the UK. With animated 3D products, you can easily showcase your product across the world or test a product before it enters the production process.

The intricacies involved in 3D product animation, allows for every angle and aspect to be covered, whether it’s how a watch ticks, how an engine works or something else. One of the reasons 3D animation for products has become so popular is there’s literally no better way to market your product than to see it in action. 3D product animation design can be used to create simple product demonstrations, full conceptual videos, product walkthroughs and much more. Keep reading below to find out why you should consider using animated product design and some of the products regularly developed using 3D animation.

Why Should I Use 3D Animation Product Development?

If you’re looking for a way to bring your idea to life without heading into the manufacturing stage, then 3D product animation is the best way to go. With 3D product animation development, we can bring every angle of your design to life, from 3D stills to fully interactive designs, we can work with you to produce a 3D animated product design that works for you and your requirements. At Dunedin Arts, we use a wide range of technology such as 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Maya to develop our 3D animated products.

3D Visualisation

Developing New Products With 3D Animations

There is no product that can’t be created when it comes to 3D product animation design. We have worked with all types of businesses, brands and industries across the UK developing animated 3D product designs. Some of the products regularly developed using 3D animations are:

  • Technology such as computer systems and mobiles.
  • Vehicles such as tractors and electric cars.
  • Accessories such as mechanical watches and torches.
  • Environmental technology such as wind turbines and solar generators.
  • Tools such as drills and tunnelling machines.

Benefits of 3D Product Animation

No matter what type of product you might be planning on developing, 3D product animation offers a number of advantages. Some of the main benefits of using 3D animated product design are:

  • 3D product animation brings your design to life
  • You can not only see your product but how it works as well
  • Allow you to see and correct flaws in your design
  • 3D product animation acts as its own marketing tools
  • You can easily demonstrate a product to buyers or investors
MacTaggart Scott: Multiple 3D animations

Where Can 3D Animated Product Designs Be Used?

3D rendered products are a great way to showcase your product to potential investors or buyers. Physical production can take a long time to develop and that’s when 3D product animation can help. The ability to see and interact with a product means people are more likely to engage with it. One of the great things is once an animation is created it can be used in a number of places such as presentations, tv adverts, exhibitions, investor meetings, websites and much more.

Getting Help With 3D Product Design and Animation

When it comes to developing a 3D design for your product, it’s important to choose an agency you can work closely with. At Dunedin Arts, we provide 3D animation product development and design, which will help to bring your idea to life. From the latest in environmental technology to new home appliances, 3D animation design is suitable for a wide range of products. For more information or to discuss a project with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.